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5 Amazing Benefits of Pure Wool

Pure wool, especially Merino wool is super soft and comfortable. It is stylish and elegant, and any designer will tell you that they love working with wool because how durable and versatile it is to work with. Here we discuss extra benefits about wool that contribute to a sustainable and conscious lifestyle besides keeping you stylish!

  • Wool is hypoallergenic- It has a natural ability to repel dust, bacteria and fungus which cause allergies in humans

  • Wool is eco-friendly- being a pure fibre, wool is not harmful for our environment. it absorbs harmful pollutants and helps in purifying the air. It is 100% biodegradable, which is a big plus for the health and sustainability of our planet.

  • Wool is stain resistant- stains have a hard time getting absorbed in the wool fibre making it very versatile in its usage. In an instance, a wool fabric is stained, all it needs is a mild soap and cold water. No need for harsh chemicals.

  • Wool is all-season- pure wool has natural thermal qualities like other natural fibres. It has the ability to provide warmth in winter season and a cool comfort in summer months.

  • Wool is wrinkle resistant- wool fibres have a coil-like structure which gives it the ability to retain its shape even after years of usage.

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